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›› What is Keenime Hearts?
Keenime Hearts
follows in the tradition of Fric'Keen Cold Winter, a Keenime event exclusively featuring characters from Keenime comics in a collection of winter scenes. This time around, the theme is Valentine's Day.


›› What are the rules?
The art must be based on a Keenspace comic whose art style is influenced by anime/manga.
2 The theme must be Valentine's Day. Whether that be the traditional idea of Valentine's or a more radical, unorthodox concept (ie. for all you anti-Valentine's advocates) is totally up to you.
Art must be appropriate for general audiences.
The deadline is ***February 29th, 2004***


›› Who can submit art? [Submissions are now closed]
1 Creators of anime/manga influence comics on Keenspace.
2 Fans of anime/manga influence comics on Keenspace.



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If you want to link to this event please use the banner below. It features the Keenime Hearts Mascot, Scarlet!





Art by azalea Art by Luprand Art by faub Art by bluebug Art by kata

Art by liz An animation by Modesty Art by Modesty Art by RaptorwolfChick Art by SuperLance

Art by TheLoserHero More art by azalea More art by azalea Art by Bryan Wong Art by Feru-sama & Momo-chan



Keenime Hearts 2004 hosted and created by bluebug. All characters are property of their respective creators.