New pages by Faub. New pair of collaborators!
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Now we have some read here ;-} Four pages!
Faub - mcDuffies

Lost in space 1
Lost in space 2
Lost in space 3
Lost in space 4
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Magical pen 1
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Magical pen 3
Magical pen 4
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Superlance - Phactorri
Convoy: cover page
Xmung - Nishichi RLC Davidson - MissAlaina
Finished both their scripts
TOXIC AVENGER - thingschange
Well... Toxic has a better idea than animal sex in Sweden... whatever that comes down to...
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New, fresh pair.
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Directly from the thread:
The idea is to exchange scripts for comics. For instance, I write a script for a short comic, no more than 10 pages, someone else does too, and then we swap scripts and everyone draws a comic for each other's script.

A list of rules:

1. We choose pairs. How? Well, everyone should have oportunity to state his favs, ei who he'd want to work with. Then I'll try to make a reasonable list of pairs, that should satisfy most of people. Actually all.
If someone would like to avoid specially working with someone, he could PM me about that.

2. We can participate in more that 1 pair. I, for one, would like to be involved into more than one collaboration.

3. Everyone writes a script and gives it to his pair. The pair will then draw it. Every collaboration has to produce 2 comics.
Why so specific on it? Every once in a while, a writer arrives looking for artists. I wouldn't like having someone labouring for other guy who don't wanna bother drawing. So if you wanna make writer/artist collaboration, it's fine but please, not here.

4. Kinds of comics that we're working on? Well, short stories, up to ten pages, probably, but it can vary.

5. I'll place all comics on this site. But you can have it on your site too, well, actually, that's logical thing to do. But they shouldn't be in your comic archives (technically, not in your /comic/ folder, but in your /image/ folder).

6. It will be an ongoing event with new pairs forming as new interested people arrive. Those who don't have time right now, but are interested to do it in future, may send me a note.

7. Details of the collaboration should be left to pairs themself. Basically, pair should agree on kind of stories they're gonna do, but later, writer shouldn't have impact on art, and artist shouldn't have impact on scenario.

8. Time limit: I wouldn't force any specific time limit. Everyone should offer his own, but then he's got to respect it. Make it two, three, six months if needed, but make it true.

9. Don't be afraid that you won't make it or you're not good enough or you still don'y have your site. We can work it out.

10. As usually, you don't have to be a keenspacer.

This page is hosted on Keenspace. It's a part of Keenspace events site which I can't give you link for cause Rodrigo still didn't make it.